50+ Plugins

BGHDDevelopment manages over 50 plugins for the public. Check them out by clicking "plugins" in the header.

40,000+ Downloads

We have proven our selves over the past few years by maintaining and 5 star average ratting with over 40,00 downloads. Lets try and hit 100,000 this year!

Fast Support

We offer discord support with our normal response time of less then 2 hours. For any questions just click "discord" in the header.

About BGHDDevelopment

Fast Support Great Plugins Fast Setup 5 Star Average Regular Updates Cheap Prices

BGHDDevelopment has been creating plugins since 2016. We aim to have the best experience compared to any other development company out there today. We hold one of the highest average review scores while maintaining a large amount of projects. Come check all our projects!

We maintain over 50+ public plugins! 

Our Best Projects


Currently BGHDDevelopment's most popular project. This is your classic UHC plugin with so many options then can't be listed here.


FateMeetup is part of the Fate series. Play a quick FFA UHC round in a smaller arena then a full UHC game.


FateHub is developed by one of the BGHDDevelopers. We release frequent updates so keep an eye out!


StaffModeGUI2 is the second plugin in the StaffModeGUI plugin series. StaffModeGUI 1 had over 15,000 downloads alone. We hope to beet that with StaffModeGUI2.


This plugin has over time evolved into one of the best available freeze plugins available.

Sketch FactionsWorldEdit

BGHDDevelopment has recently taken the rights over and we have already seen a great response to this plugin.