Coming Soon - Custom plugin development, discord setups, custom builds, + more!

About Us

What helps the community bond more than just a minecraft world? Only plugins that give the gamers the ability to do things that they can not do in a regular world. Plugins add more ways that the community can bond with others.The BGHDDevelopment Team always is confident in making our plugins great for the minecraft community to use!

Cheap and Reliable

Server owners have more opportunities to get new plugins made by our BGHDDevelopment Team for a low price. Not only are these plugins cheap, but they are reliable. Our plugins support most minecraft versions, mainly 1.8-1.12x! Each plugin is tested before release to ensure that there are no issues! They are ready to run on your minecraft servers or networks!

Why Us?

Why BGHDDevelopment? The BGHDDevelopment Team had the hopes and dreams to code fun plugins for the gaming community to enjoy. We are eager to code more plugins for servers to keep their communities growing. We are still part of the minecraft gaming community and would like to better other gamer’s view on servers with our plugins!