API Policy

Last updated: January 2021

Who does this apply to?

This API policy applies to any user who creates or uses something which benefits or is dependent on BGHDDevelopment API's.

This includes any user creating projects with the API's or using premade projects.

Usage Limits

You are allowed to create projects and release them publicly for free using any BGHDDevelopment API. Though any paid products must have written permission from BGHDDevelopment LLC to be released.

If your API product requires a software or plugin (Examples: FateUHC, FateHub) you must make sure the end user owns their own copy of the software/plugin.

You are allowed a limited number of requests to the API endpoints. These are defined on the API documentation. Going over the limit will cause your API key to be locked and your requests to be limited.

You cannot create anything that breaks our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or Service Level Agreement.

Limit Increases

In some cases you may request your API key to have increased usage limits.

In order to be eligible you must show the current limitation with the default limit and the end goal of your project.

Depending on the size of your project API increases may require monthly upkeep payments which are generated based on usage.

API Distribution

You may not distribute any of our API key's or software files. If a user requires the API software file please redirect them to our download pages.

You may shade the API software into your own projects but credit must be given and all usage limits must be followed.

Any additions to the base API software must be reported to BGHDDevelopment LLC either by email, discord, or by pull request on GitHub.


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